Zombie Blog (an update)

I’ve actually been missing blogging quite a bit as of late. I’ve read, played, and watched a lot with many opinions haha. On top of that I’ve been going back and forth for a while about putting some of this up on Youtube as well as bits not on the blog such as more rantings.

I’ve taken quite a bit of a break due to some issues in life and wedding planning which has kind of retaken over my time. However, the itch to blog has grown stronger and I think I am about ready to begin again. Maybe not as frequent as before but something st least. I need a bit of free writing in between writing my novel (+7000 words thus far!)

Thanks for those who haven’t left and to those who have joined. I have been using this to help other writers and bloggers and I do hope it has been helpful.

Well long post short keep an eye out for activity. I’m bringing this old thing back a bit and wiping off the dust for a post here and there. I am still insure about going with video (maybe I’ll just add video onto here instead: Youtube has gotten a bit messy lately.) My dear followers opinions would be happily accepted.

I hope to keep up to standards and do interesting posts! Thank you all so much!


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