National Mental Health Month

I normally don’t pay much attention to what National such and such happens each month. There are so many now related the an individual month that to me seem rather silly or not important enough to write about.

One of May’s Nationals is Mental Health , which holds a place in my head and heart. Growing up in a family with mental illness around various members, as well as realizing in my adulthood my own illness, any awareness of such things matters to me. Even now in our society it seems to be easier and more accepted to admit you have a disease like a type of cancer, or coming out as non-heterosexual than to say “Hey, I have a mental illness.”

It is strangely taboo still to talk about openly, you fear mentioning it to employers less they decide this is a means of not hiring you. It’s not something you hear in coffee house table discussions or rallies for support on the news. Unfortunately, mental health is o e of those things constantly kept on the back burner. You only seem to hear about it when it involves a crime. Which gives those who are struggling or living with mental health issues a bad wrap.

It would be nice to receive more aid with counseling, medication, and education in all age ranges and types for those who have and don’t have mental health troubles. It would be nice not to feel shame for feeling the way you do or being the way you are because you’re worried friends and family might treat you different.

Not only are there many homeless who struggle with mental health, but lower and middle class do as well. Many don’t have the insurance or funds to get help they may need. They don’t know where to go or whom to contact.

No one should feel afraid or ashamed because their brain chemicals are different and social behaviors not exactly in the norm. We need to be able to openly talk so those who are ignorant or are misinformed can understand what is going on. They can accept and better help those around them.

If you are or know someone who falls into a category like this, help change the social norm and talk to those you can trust about it. The more we understand the human mind and condition the better we are as a society.

In support of this month I’ll list some movies and books that deal with mental health. I hope everyone has a good month and maybe sooner than later we can begin to really work on the state of people’s mental health and well being.

The Boy Who Could See Demons (A book)

Neverwas (A film)

Finding Alice (A book)

Enduring Love (A book & Film)


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