Monster Bag (PS Vita Game)

Quick Summary: A little blue monster happily plays with his little human girl in her room. All is well, until the girl leaves the house to catch the bus. The little blue monster panics about not being with his little girl. So bravely he leaves the house to be reunited! Along the way he must avoid being seen by other humans, manipulate his surroundings to get over obstacles, and save his little girl from increasingly dangerous situations.

Not sure why I identify the monster as male since it is given no name or gender identity. I think it may be due to the lower tone of voice it uses. But moving on! I really enjoy this puzzle game. The graphics instantly made me think of Adventure Time and a little bit Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends. In this game you control the movements of the monster and manipulate object and humans in your path. Can’t get past an observant human? Maybe throw a bottle at the adjacent person’s head who in turn gets in a fight with the observant one. Now you can sneak behind! Unless they see you, in which you are smashed to death and descend back to life from the skies.

Your lives are unlimited though when some of the puzzles have timed events (such as a fire creeping closer to your little girl) deaths can be a set back. And die you shall! The instructions and actions for monster are fairly simple, but as you go on some of the puzzles take some thinking and a few trial and errors. You can also replay any completed level, which is nice for people who share systems (like me). It is fun to have someone else play too if your competitive because each level has a timer for how long it takes to complete. These tines are saved with the level, so going back to beat your own score, or someone else’s, can be good for replay.

Another fun thing is each human you have to pass has a distinct personality. Sometimes you’ll see them in the next level as well. For having no real dialog, body language, clothing, and actions make each person unique and often forces you to think differently on how best to pass them. I like how they’re not cookie cutter NPCs just in the foreground but are actually funny or quirky.

One other thing I like about this game is it is deceptively cute and light. Aw the monster tried to hug his girl but she got on the bus! Oh now he must save her from flames moving closer. Wait a minute…are those cannibals? Oh jeez look at that monster-woah ugly! I don’t want to give anything away but some of the levels are a bit dark and violent. Which contrasts with the cute animation and characters. Which I just love when surprises like that happen.

The sound effects and music were really nice too. They flowed well with each level, gave more personality to NPCs who never really use words, and add to that weird combo of cute and dark. It helps show the mood of Monster as well as his efforts and stress increase with each level.

Last note, it is a pretty short game. Overall between 2-3 hours of gameplay. It can get repetitive when you die and must redo the whole level and some of the puzzles can come off as too similar. However I feel the interesting storyline and simple but fun gameplay is worth it.

Overall rating: 9/10


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