Rosemary & Thyme (BBC Tv Series)



Quick Summary: Rosemary Boxer is a plant pathologist for a University who also has a passion for gardening. Laura Thyme is an ex constable who retired and enjoys gardening at home which she got from her farming childhood. Meeting by chance to due the sudden death of Laura’s friend while Rosemary is working on the property, the two come together to solve the shady results of the mans passing. Becoming quick friends through the shared love of gardening (as well as Laura’s divorce and Rosemary’s sacking from the University) the two women start their own horticultural business. They tend to the gardens of many, as well as solving murders along the way.

So the summary isn’t all the best I know but it is a bit difficult to describe the show without giving away details of episodes! I happened across this by change while browsing Netflix for something new and different. I often forget how much I love British television, and this only shows that truth.

Both women have wonderful and diverse personalities, and I love the fact that they’re older independent women as well. They actually look and act like real people instead of too beautiful and too dramatic. Rosemary is the more fiery of the two women. Never married or had children, her life has been about her work with some relationships on the side, and she has no problem stating this. For her marriage and children are for some but not all, and she has no regrets about her choice in the matter while still leaving a possibility open for love still. This helped her get her Doctorate in college with a vast amount of knowledge of all types of plants, soils, and arbors. Often she mentions the Latin name with other side facts like medicinal purposes or how it’s edible only in certain safe ways. I would have to say she is a bit more hot headed of the two and is more likely to barge in and ask direct questions. Laura was married, now divorced, with two grown children. Often she pulls on knowledge and skills from her days in the Constable like memorizing license plates easily or how to work with detectives on cases without rising suspicion. Her farming childhood also has helped with such things as tools or gardening tricks that schooled Rosemary hadn’t ever come across. Laura is a bit more on the planning and cautious side, perhaps due to her former job and raising kids. I only mentioned children and family for both women, not because they’re super focused on it or important, but they come into play off and on with each side like Laura’s son who is in the Force.

Both women have quick wits, wonderful senses of humor, and the wisdom and appreciation for things that can only come with age. They don’t go out of their way to find murders and incidents, they just have the poor luck of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. When it does come up they can’t let it go, through morals of wanting to find the bad person, curiosity as to what and why, and in certain occasions because they can’t finish their landscaping till it’s solved which means no pay!

Even though you know something is going to pop up with each episode, it doesn’t feel boring or cut and paste. They often travel all over England and sometimes to other countries, dealing with various types of people from a boarding school to a historical agricultural sight. You meet former friends and colleagues who help them along the way, a bit of romance here and there, as well as each of the women growing and dealing with what life has thrown at them.

I once heard it referenced as “Murder She Wrote with Gardening and British Accents”. I never really watched MSW, but I know enough to see why they’d make the comparison. Like mysteries? Quirky humor? Gardening? BBC? Then I’d give this a shot. Sadly it only has 3 seasons and looks as if it may have had more planned but fell through. I was able to watch it in full on Netflix, but unsure of how long it will be on there.

rating: 9/10


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