Dandelion: Wishes Brought to You (PC Full game)


A while ago I reviewed a demo about this game from the wonderful site of Steam. Well one late evening I decided to splurge and buy the full game. I don’t often play girly date sim games but felt like divulging and being silly.

Since I already did a demo review here, I’m not going to divulge into topics covered there. I’ll just add a few thoughts on new things from a full play through of good and not so good.

Some Good: In the demo I mentioned how the characters seemed pretty predictable in their personalities. Although a lot of this is true I am happy to say that as you go through the storyline for each they do have some surprises up their sleeves. You learn about the past of each guy and why they choose to come to the MC’s world. The personalities can also change depending on if you get a good or bad ending.

So stamp collecting in game is for two bonus pictures from the main menu screen. You also get to view all the photos from gameplay from important scenes. The artwork is really pretty and you can tell a lot of time was put into it to show each characters personality. The voice acting is done really well too, although it is in Korean for my English speaking readers fear not, there are English subtitles.

Once you finish on story the creator kindly put in a skip button to move past scenes that already happened. This is nice since you have to go through the prologue each play through. That gets old really quick so thank you for skipping!

There are also a ton of walkthroughs for the game. On their main page of steam there are links to full walkthroughs as well as a simple internet search. Watch out for spoilers! There you can find out which choices give which endings, what items they like best, and how high stats need to be. As a side note of personal opinion most of the bad endings aren’t worth the time with the exception of Jisoo the black cat. His gets kind of crazy. Also as a final tip once you make it through all five good endings you can unlock a secret bit involving the wizard.

Some Bad: So if you’re good at these types of games or go through a walkthrough you can get your stats and hearts up with plenty of tine to spare till the end of the game. This can get really tedious. There isn’t a shirt cut to getting to the end when all your hearts and stats are up. You have to wait till the end of the designated month. Which means each day you just up a stat or go straight to bed. It gets boring. You get the same cut scenes on dates, gifts don’t raise hearts any more, it’s all about wasting time. This is probably the biggest turn off for the game for me personally. Going through each day for a month or more was a bit of a killer.

The MC has some emotional issues and abandonment issues due to her family life. I can get this and how for some things she may not understand how to express herself or the intentions of others. However, sometimes it just goes too far. She appears to have social skills and knowledge of a middle schooler. The degree that she doesn’t understand why a male love interest is jealous or that he is expressing interest is stretched to unbelievable lengths which really pull you out of the moment. Though she has gone through the above life experiences she still gets exposure through TV, literature, and should be getting it through college. She isn’t intellectually dumb and must have come across situations by either seeing her peers do it or through studying. There were many tines I couldn’t feel sympathy or empathy for the MC because of the vastness of her naivety.

The last thing is more personal opinion than mechanics. In a dew of these relationship paths the MC is obviously in some level of an abusive relationship. Such as one character stalking her because he is jealous of other men in her life. The MC continually gives excuses and passes to such unbecoming and potentially dangerous behavior. I know this is just a game and this could be one archetype of a fantasy relationship. I just wish the character would stand up for herself a little more or at least hold the love interest accountable for his worrisome behavior.

So that’s the second half of my review! Hope it was a little more telling. I believe the game is still available for 30.00 USD.

Overall score: 6.5/10


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