Some Quick Updates

Hello readers!

So just a few things:

I am still working on my new sleep schedule for my 4 pm to 12:30 am job. I don’t get any good internet connections in the building so writing then doesn’t work. I’m going to try to wake up a little early each day to do some blogging, or to mess with content to blog about.

In the next couple months my posts will probably slim down a lot. I’m getting married in mid August and the planning for that will take precedence. Fear not though for I shall not abandon my blog.

Forever ago I mentioned putting together a short story collection. That went to the wayside as I began working on a novel instead. So I am doing a lot of personal writing, I’m just awful at sticking to one project at a time.

My Twitter account will still be pretty active with updates, linking past posts, and news in the world of my review content. So keep an eye on that (and tell your friends!).

Lastly, after I’m hitched I am also moving. With this move I hope to have an actual desk and writing base which will make blogging easier. I will also begin setting up for a Youtube channel after my webcam and mic come in from Amazon. Fret not for I shall still post full content on the blog: I just like the idea of reaching out to people in different social medias. More on that as it develops.

Thanks for reading and as always for following! It’s summer here which means college students are gone and the city is much quieter! I shall enjoy the heat and avoid burning. Feel free to comment on any posts, and spread the word about how awesome I am! As a last note: if you feel the need to post suggestions or constructive critique please do so here or on my Twitter!

Pps. Check out my new icon (located in about me) that my sweet fiance made. I’m pretty exited about it.


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