Upcoming Wedding & Such


Long time no post yes? I was getting into the groove again but it all fell apart when I realized how much work was left before my wedding. Yup, getting hitched on August 16th, and though we’re keeping it simple there is a lot going i to it (his family is huge). So that’s why I’ve been so absent because something had to go on the back burner.

After this big event I am also going to be in the process of moving! It seems I enjoy stress in my life haha. So it may be a bit yet till I’m up and running. My plan is to have a new post schedule set up working around me new job, my Youtube channel up and running (more on that when it comes), and being more active on twitter.

So that’s it! I’ll still reblog interesting posts from others and throw up some tweets here and there, so I haven’t vanished! Just hibernating a bit.

As always thanks for reading, please feel free to comment your thoughts and suggestions!


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