I’m Back! (And Married!)


(that's me spraying whipped cream in my mouth after champagne drinking just post wedding. I was exhausted at this point!

Helllllllo! Long time no see! As the title says I am finally married and have a bit of breathing room. My new job and moving can be worked around so I can make regular posts again! Sadly video posts will have to wait due to issues with my laptop. I’ve decided to wait to do that till after our move.

However! I’ll be posting here on the blog once more and poking around twitter! There are a lot of back posts I have to get done, and as I write this there is a screen open with a schedule of postings to do. Before the nerdy things I’ll be doing a personal post about my experience being wed for the first time and all the advice I can give (with a few funny tales).

Hope to be writing more soon and interacting with wonderful people again.

Many thanks,

Mrs. Jabberwocky Warrior


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