New Posting Schedule

[Yeah, artsy photo of a text book]

[Yeah, artsy photo of a text book]

Just a quick update on the blog and such.

New posting schedule to fit my new job that has split days off (aren’t those the worst?) I’ll be posting every Wednesday and Saturday. Even if it isn’t a personal review, it may be promoting someone else’s work, some ramblings, or updates. I am going to stick with this though thanks to my handy reminder on my phone. I shall sacrifice sleep so that I may be posting regularly! I don’t know if anyone is really even reading these posts, but they make me happy, so that’s something at least to keep me going on with this.

Another little tidbit to throw in, if you do the Facebook thing, I made a page dedicated to this blog. It is a bit slow right now, but when I get regular posts out (and hopefully Youtube posts in the future-still holding out for that), it’ll be more interesting to look at.

As always, thank you for reading! Feel free to comment, like, share, you know all that good jazz.


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