Adulting is Eating My Time

I put out a fancy new schedule, jotted down my posting line up, got sick for 2 weeks, and doubled up on work. Pretty much lame adult excuses for not blogging.

Part of it was well was a period of being disheartened. I was thinking of just dropping blogging because I felt I wasn’t doing a good enough job. Did people even care? What if my writing is awful and boring? So on and so forth. I was deep in the blues. My husband rallied behind me though and convinced me to go on. Writing does make me happy. I do like putting my thoughts out there. Even if no one comments or looks at it, well at least I was doing something. So I really have no more lame excuses not to post, and just need to suck it up to wake up early and blog.  So there you have it. No more excuses. Even if no one reads it shouldn’t matter, because writing anything makes me happy.

On that note one of my BFF’s is making me do NaNoWriMo this year. I’ve never finished but maybe I can beat last years 7,000 word count. If anything it’ll be a fun little blog update to do through November!

Ok I’m done whining now and throwing my feelings out on the net! Back to my boring job and planning out my actual-real-happening blog posts.

Thanks all~


2 thoughts on “Adulting is Eating My Time

  1. I agree it is hard to write and not know if people care or read. That’s why I haven’t done it so you are braver and more into writing than I. Writing for writing’s sake is a good way to be. Get the enjoyment you need without relying on others.

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