The Little Giant of Aberdeen by: Tiffany Baker



Quick Summary: Truly is a big fish in a small pond, a woman of enormous proportions in her tiny hometown of Aberdeen. Since birth she has been of unusual size, a polar opposite of her petite pretty perfect older sister. A curiosity and mostly ignored person, Truly spends her time with what very few friends she has and managing her dismal life with her unwanted housemate, a doctor who pricks and prods at Truly’s body and self esteem for his own amusement . Her few solaces of his torment go to her eight year old nephew and a strange quilt made by a gifted medicine woman years ago, its twisted herbs and patterns fascinating it lies over her large body. Truly tries to figure out the reason for her abnormal size as well as the mysteries of the family quilt left just as forgotten by the town as she is.

I’m still not sure about how I feel about this novel. It was an easy read, with a lot of interesting quirk to it. Overall I actually a really like it. It was strange, and I couldn’t quite figure out where it was going with it’s sub-story. It had a main story of course, but there was about a sub and a half story as well beneath all that. Quirky is really the best I can use to describe this book. Truly was a sad character, picked on and ostracized her entire life main because of her appearance, though her financial state was also a bit of a play as well.

Alas the character development is not as in depth as I would have hoped for, but there is enough there to get a sense of who these people are and what they want, or don’t want, at least. Perhaps it was just because of the location (and maybe time period) and the novel, but certain aspects of the story are glazed over more than I anticipated. Events and emotional moments don’t go into depth or have as much as an impact as I a reader would have liked. I as a read felt like they should have gone further, but per the story maybe they really didn’t have to. It is true it wouldn’t have made a deep impact on the story itself, but I feel that it could have added more to the characters. Alas I cannot say too much what these events are without giving away larger chunks of the story.

There is a lot to this book about accepting ones self, how society view each other on appearance and beauty, and the prescription medication vs the natural medication. Due to the fact that I’m still not sure if how I feel about this book, the review won’t be as long as I would like. Perhaps I am just a little rusty as well. I do love how Truly tries to stay true to herself, how a few see her for more than just her massive size, how her perfect beautiful sister had deep trouble of her own as well. It’s quite the mix of society, personal acceptance, and a bit of mysticism as well. I wouldn’t call it a quick or simple read, but it wades you in gently so that you don’t even realize that you’re halfway through the book and set it down for a moment in realization that a couple hours have gone by. It’s a sneaker novel, not totally enveloping you, but holding you long enough to see where this is exactly going to keep your fingers turning pages.

Rating: 4/5


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