Canceled Events Due to Threats

Instead of a review I thought I’d touch a little on this topic because it saddens and frustrated me. This isn’t the first, nor probably the last, event canceled at a convention because of violent threats.

It’s upsetting there are people put there who can’t even handle the idea of just talking about certain topics, so they resort to low handed tactics and ruin a perfect opportunity for dealing with issues in the gaming community. I’m not only talking about women in gaming, but there are other issues as well, other forms of harassment. If those people don’t want to listen or participate in these discussions, all they have to do is avoid them instead of ruining it for everyone. They may have felt like they won by having these events not go through, but in my opinion it just sparks more talk in and out of the community about these problems and a negative outlook on those who wish to silence these topics.

Here is an article about some recent cancellations, though a quick web search will reveal more like it.


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