Twitter Etiquette: Send Thanks or No?


I have been wondering this since I first began using Twitter to promote my blog and interact with interesting people. When I did an initial search to this question ages ago all I got was, don’t thank people this way- do it this way, sort of talks. None of them said weather or not you should PM each person who follows you or not. Now those who have thousands to millions I understand not being able to thank each one. Those with smaller numbers though, what is the right way to go?

Rarely when I follow someone who interests me do I get a “thank you”, and I am ok with that. The few tines I did I send an upbeat reply. As to my own followers I’ve gone back and forth. One half it feels rude to not thank them, I do appreciate the follow! The other half it feels almost rude to send this, as if I’m only in it for the followers, and having them not comment or RT first I’m being pushy.

What are your thoughts and experiences on the matter?


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