I’m Just The Worst

Blogger ever. I haven’t done diddly nor squat. I have played and read a lot which is good for the soul. I’ve written some short stories, though they are pretty sad ones. I haven’t given up on this even if some have given up on me (understandably so). 2015 just was so…so tough and full of other excuses I could list off. If you follow my twitter you may see glimpses of my wit and opinions, but honestly I just feel too overwhelmed to blog. Even though it makes me happy, currently I’m not in a good space living wise or other. So, hang in there with me for a bit more if you like. I promise I won’t be gone forever, just a little more till I can make heads and tails of things to put actual quality posts out and not just dribble.

….kind of like this haha.


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