Burn Your Fat With Me: For Girls {Phone App Dating Sim}


[Meet Kei: Your trainer]

Quick Summary: You are a young woman from a well off family who dreams of writing manga on day. Your prince who swoons you and loves you is a prince like figure based off the quite handsome and charismatic classmate at your academy. Unfortunately for you, your parents think an artist is not fitting for your position and you are instead destined to be apart of the theater troupe in this prestigious place, your princely figure there with you every step of the way-to berate, insult, and push you to become thin so you don’t embarrass the rest of the troupe on curl up at a time.

So this is an app that mixes working out with dating. There is a male version (sort of) called Burn Your Fat With Me that stars a cute anime style girl cheering you on. For this female version, you get less cheering and more jeering. This app has caused a bit of controversy when it came out, many finding the tactics too harsh and degrading. Fully voice acted in English and Japanese, you go through the story line as a strong minded woman who doesn’t really think you need to lose weight, but then again after some poking and prodding from Kei you kinda feel like you should.

To unlock the story forwards, and I’m assuming relationship with Kei, you need to do exercises that are accessible from the menu. The first one are curl ups where you touch the screen after each one, Kei counting for you for the set amount you choose. Depending on how many, and how fast, you do the workout, you earn points. These points unlock the next level in the story, Kei outfits, as well as future voice acting for other events. There is also an option to have Kei wake you up as an alarm, though the things that pop out of his pretty mouth aren’t the nicest. You can also unlock future events and outfits through real money purchases. I haven’t made it that far in it, partly because I’m lazy haha, but there are two other ‘dating’ workout men to choose from. Since I haven’t finished Kei’s route, I’m unsure exactly on how to unlock these, my assumption is after Kei you can pick one and use points to unlock theirs.


[Prince View of Kei]

I can understand why this app is most certainly not for everyone. For those who have triggers or low self esteem, this game is at best insulting. Since it uses guilt and insults to help motivate you to workout, the pretty face doesn’t help you feel like moving at all. For others, it is more entertainment and funny with romantic options. It all depends on your own personality and preferences. Though I wouldn’t have put this at the top of my favorite games, it is interesting and innovative in a way. My husband was, however, not a fan at all and wasn’t happy with me playing it. I’ve had self esteem issues in the past about my own body and he was worried this wouldn’t be good for me. I assured him though, this is a drawn character who is trying to make me feel bad, not a real person. I can hit the ‘off’ button on them anytime and their non reality can’t hurt me in real life. We’ll see if I actually ever get around to finishing a whole story line. If I do, I’ll post an update!



[Kei Motivation]

Available for free, with in app purchases, for Android and Apple.

Rating: 7.5/10




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