Choose Your Own Apocalypse: Fallout New Vegas {Youtube game review}

Quick Summary: A Youtuber by the name of Many A True Nerd has come up with a fun idea for those who love the Fallout Series and those old school ‘choose your own adventure’ books. You are given the brief background of Fallout New Vegas and are taken through some of the initial events, such as waking up in Doc’s home. You’re told a bit about the town until eventually you are given a choice. Go to the town of Primm or go to Vegas. At this point you get to pick which route you go via embedded links in the video. Depending on what you click you will be taken to another video to continue your journey till you make it to Vegas.

Forewarning: You need to play this on PC as the choices will not work via phone or tablet when clicking on the in game. That aside, this is a fun little experiment to pass the time. None of the videos are too long, and the narration is done really well, giving bit of history and background on the areas you pass through the the potential of the choices you can make. Some choices will end in your untimely demise, some will bring loot, others will gain you allies. If you happen to die, just go back to the beginning and try your luck again! (Or you can just hit back once and start from before you made that wrong choice).

It helps if you have played the game before, you know which choices will lead you to what areas or which outcomes could lead more likely to death. However, you don’t have to have played the game in its entirety or at all to still enjoy this little game. I went through it a couple of times making ‘good’ and ‘bad’ choices along the way just to see how the creator who put this all together played it all out. The story flows together really nicely, and the choices you make are relative to actual events in game, however they feel natural in the unfolding of things as you make your choices. I hope to see more like this in the future from this Youtuber, or even similar ideas spread out of Youtube over different genres. I was one of those kiddos who devoured the choose your own adventure Goosebump books, and this sort of this is a bit of a unique idea in my opinion on social media like Youtube. I’ll post a link here to take you directly the first video of this mini series. The introduction is a bit long, but it doesn’t go on so much that you lose interest and won’t wait to make that first critical choice.

I can’t think of the time it took to do all that recording, cuts, and link embedding to put this all together. All for the sake of fun and games right? In the comment section you can see people comparing the choices they made, most common being how far can you make it in the game without killing anyone? It is said someone has made it through the entire game with less than 3 kills. Now, this is a good place to point out that this is based of the game and therefore there is violence involved-so don’t be surprised! For those who like to get all possible options, it seems there is enough variety that you can play the game through quite a few times to get all the routes and outcomes.

What do you think? Would it be fun to see more of this style out there for small game play and entertainment?


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