Life Update! {Rambling}

Hello lovely peoples!

So besides my computer frying a while ago I also ran into some trouble with housing. I moved out last weekend from our horrid apartment, but the place we were going to ended up not being ready! So I’ve been crashing on a friends couch. Today we FINALLY can move in. My lovely hubby is going to set me up with a keyboard that will work with my ohone so I can at least continue blogging. So keep an eye out for that! My Youtube is still on pause, however we may have a way to bluetooth with the PS4 so I can keep doing my mini lets plays. Sorry for the continued delay, fingers crossed we will have internet and within the next 6 months have saved up enough for a desktop. 

Thanks for reading! As always I love comments and feedback on all my posts. I’ll try to keep being active on Twitter & Instagran. Tumblr is a little slow these days.  Well-back to moving! It is way too cold for July here in Oregon!!


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