Suz Korb: Live Novel Writing.

Author Suz Korb is doing something fun and risky. She’s writing a novel, and doing it live. This will be for her next book There is a Patreon page up to help her out with this. I think the idea is wonderful! Check it out here ~  Below is an excerpt from her page!

Suz Korb’s Newest Cover Reveal and Live Novel Writing

Hello, I’m Suz Korb and my new book project is titled: Flutterby Girl. Welcome to this cover reveal blog post, with a twist. And here’s the cover…


The twist is that this book hasn’t been written yet. I’m going to write it live on Patreon. I‘ve written a novel live before, chapter by chapter, on my blog. And now I’m doing it again with Flutterby Girl! 

I got the idea for Flutterby Girl, then I thought up a title, then I got the cover, and now I’m writing the story. It will go up on Patreon chapter by chapter, daily. You can read each chapter if you become my patron. I’m new at Patreon, so if problems arise I hope I can deal with them quick! It should be easy enough though.

I’ve decided to write my two most recent books live because it pushes me, and it makes my imagination flow more deeply.

Chapter 1 of Flutterby Girl is up on Patreon now and I hope you will join me in this young adult journey. 

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The Drowning Girl by: Caitlin Kiernan

The drowning girl

Quick Summary: Imp is a young woman who suffers from schizophrenia, as well as being an amazing artist. A bit of a loner, she has trouble shifting which memories appear in what order, as well as which are set in reality. This is a memoir of an important turning even in her life, of two loves, of two different versions of the same line of her life. Her words as she rights them contradict her own thoughts, argue back, and make her think of times and love past. Which memories are real, and in the end, how will she feel about herself?

I would put this book under an ‘artistic and indie feel’. At times it feels like it tries a little too hard to be original and angst, too convoluted in the different memories and thoughts of Imp. As a character Imp is a little hard to wrap around. She’s a functioning schizophrenic who loves artwork and tea, not much into electronics, and falls prey to her own mind. You want to feel sympathy for her, or empathy at least, as she is tossed about by trying to sort what memories are real and happened in the right order, and which are the ones her mind created for her. Yet at times she can come off as a bit too whiny and winded, a little too full of herself and the angst she brings out. Perhaps it is because she draws everything out just a little too long to be interesting where it fall over to annoying.

(Warning: Some possible minor spoilers ahead)

Her first love in the story Abalyn is a bit more interesting off the bat. Though it comes of a little cliché how she is nearly opposite of Imp. Abalyn plays video games, drinks coffee, is a bit more brash and ‘loud’ than Imp is. Honestly through a lot of this I feel worse for her than our main character. She is most understanding and patient with Imp, as anyone who is in a relationship with someone who has a mental illness has to be.

The second love Eva is just…I’m not sure how to explain her. Very enigmatic. Through a good chunk of the first part of the book you don’t really get to know who she is, or what she is, just the briefest descriptions from Imp who draws about her and thinks about her in a romantic, nearly obsessive way, while with Abalyn. Due to the nature of Imp’s mind you don’t know if she’s supernatural, or a strange human individual who is there to make Imp’s life more difficult.

As for the writing style, I can see how it is meant to be very artsy, fantasy like. It is written from the POV of Imp, and her being her, the story often drifts from one topic to another, backtracking on itself, changing what it states, etc. This makes sense when someone who is schizophrenic writes, sometimes the truth and “the truth” are different things. However, at times it veers so far from topic, or talks circles on itself, that I as a reader became bored at the overly confusing or ebb and flow of the story. Straying from topic here and there is fine, but when it is all over the place for most of the book, it comes off more as choppy and difficult then mysterious and dark. It tries to go a lot of places such as Imp’s past and the events that affected her life so much. Sometimes it reminded me of a moody teenager writing about how awful life is and no one understands her. Again, it wasn’t exactly bad…but it didn’t fully draw me in. I had to put the book down a good number of times because my own mind began to drift and I had to re-read some sections.

If you like this style of book, poetic with plenty of questions left in its wake, moody characters who talk about love and loss a lot, and narrative styles that don’t go a straight line, then this may be for you. Sadly, this could not hook me long enough to want to re-read it again.

Rating: 3.5/5


The Little Giant of Aberdeen by: Tiffany Baker



Quick Summary: Truly is a big fish in a small pond, a woman of enormous proportions in her tiny hometown of Aberdeen. Since birth she has been of unusual size, a polar opposite of her petite pretty perfect older sister. A curiosity and mostly ignored person, Truly spends her time with what very few friends she has and managing her dismal life with her unwanted housemate, a doctor who pricks and prods at Truly’s body and self esteem for his own amusement . Her few solaces of his torment go to her eight year old nephew and a strange quilt made by a gifted medicine woman years ago, its twisted herbs and patterns fascinating it lies over her large body. Truly tries to figure out the reason for her abnormal size as well as the mysteries of the family quilt left just as forgotten by the town as she is.

I’m still not sure about how I feel about this novel. It was an easy read, with a lot of interesting quirk to it. Overall I actually a really like it. It was strange, and I couldn’t quite figure out where it was going with it’s sub-story. It had a main story of course, but there was about a sub and a half story as well beneath all that. Quirky is really the best I can use to describe this book. Truly was a sad character, picked on and ostracized her entire life main because of her appearance, though her financial state was also a bit of a play as well.

Alas the character development is not as in depth as I would have hoped for, but there is enough there to get a sense of who these people are and what they want, or don’t want, at least. Perhaps it was just because of the location (and maybe time period) and the novel, but certain aspects of the story are glazed over more than I anticipated. Events and emotional moments don’t go into depth or have as much as an impact as I a reader would have liked. I as a read felt like they should have gone further, but per the story maybe they really didn’t have to. It is true it wouldn’t have made a deep impact on the story itself, but I feel that it could have added more to the characters. Alas I cannot say too much what these events are without giving away larger chunks of the story.

There is a lot to this book about accepting ones self, how society view each other on appearance and beauty, and the prescription medication vs the natural medication. Due to the fact that I’m still not sure if how I feel about this book, the review won’t be as long as I would like. Perhaps I am just a little rusty as well. I do love how Truly tries to stay true to herself, how a few see her for more than just her massive size, how her perfect beautiful sister had deep trouble of her own as well. It’s quite the mix of society, personal acceptance, and a bit of mysticism as well. I wouldn’t call it a quick or simple read, but it wades you in gently so that you don’t even realize that you’re halfway through the book and set it down for a moment in realization that a couple hours have gone by. It’s a sneaker novel, not totally enveloping you, but holding you long enough to see where this is exactly going to keep your fingers turning pages.

Rating: 4/5

Adulting is Eating My Time

I put out a fancy new schedule, jotted down my posting line up, got sick for 2 weeks, and doubled up on work. Pretty much lame adult excuses for not blogging.

Part of it was well was a period of being disheartened. I was thinking of just dropping blogging because I felt I wasn’t doing a good enough job. Did people even care? What if my writing is awful and boring? So on and so forth. I was deep in the blues. My husband rallied behind me though and convinced me to go on. Writing does make me happy. I do like putting my thoughts out there. Even if no one comments or looks at it, well at least I was doing something. So I really have no more lame excuses not to post, and just need to suck it up to wake up early and blog.  So there you have it. No more excuses. Even if no one reads it shouldn’t matter, because writing anything makes me happy.

On that note one of my BFF’s is making me do NaNoWriMo this year. I’ve never finished but maybe I can beat last years 7,000 word count. If anything it’ll be a fun little blog update to do through November!

Ok I’m done whining now and throwing my feelings out on the net! Back to my boring job and planning out my actual-real-happening blog posts.

Thanks all~


Hello fellow bloggers, writers, and readers! It is that wonderful and stressful time of the year again for some of us. For those who take up the  gauntlet with hope and attempts to write 50,000 words in one month.

Personally I have tried to finish said challenge though many times I have tried. This year is different however because I am currently talking a break from classes. Which means no huge texts to study for! This means I have little excuses for not giving it my all this year.

Already I have 2,000 words (a bit behind) and plan tip get much more down tonight. Who else is talking up this crazy challenge?

Never heard of it by chance? That is ok! It isn’t too late to start and jump on board. has all the info. Want to be buddies and compare word counts? Look for Morely. (Though at this point I need to update my book info and stats!)

May the muse of writing be with you!

~100 Followers ~ {A Thank You}

Wow! I just recently surpassed one hundred wonderful followers, and I was so surprised! When I began this blog nearly a year ago it was half hearted but still fun. In recent times I have tried to work at putting in more effort and details into each posting be it a review or random thoughts. I honestly never thought I would make it to this point: and I have all of you to thank!

Not going to lie: I got stupid happy at my little notification. I did a happy dance and went out with my love and friends to celebrate- because why not! So from the bottom of my cheerful reviewing heart-thanks! I shall do my best to keep writing about things I enjoy that you in turn also enjoy! Keep on rocking internet people’s!