To Be Continued…?

Hey all~

It’s been so many months since I posted last. I’m sure promises were made to post more or be more timely: but here is the skinny

I do love this blog, it got me through some roughh times and I discovered new things to enjoy. However, I’ve been struggling pretty badly with depression and anxiety. I don’t think I mentioned it in previous posts, but my older brother was murdered in the early months of 2016. I’ve been dealing with the emotion roller coaster of this aftermath. Paired with some financial struggles, my heart hasn’t been into putting the effort into reviews. I’ve hardly even kept my Twitter alive. I’ve been too stressed and depressed, probably insecure too, with my writing to properly post anything. As for going on YouTube, even when I finally do get a computer, I may delete the account all together. I’m just not sure if my heart is there to be creative anymore. 
So this is the deal. I’m not sure if I will be posting anymore on here. If I’ll keep reviewing my hobbies (honestly I haven’t read a book in months), and try to express my creative side. For now I’ll keep the blog up reply to comments and questions. Whether it stays up or not is unsure: I may take it down due to my failings to keep it going. 

Anyways, a bit rambly, but I wanted to be open with my few readers and more honest with myself. Thank you for sticking with me and allowing me to share my thoughts

~Jabberwocky Warrior.


I’m Just The Worst

Blogger ever. I haven’t done diddly nor squat. I have played and read a lot which is good for the soul. I’ve written some short stories, though they are pretty sad ones. I haven’t given up on this even if some have given up on me (understandably so). 2015 just was so…so tough and full of other excuses I could list off. If you follow my twitter you may see glimpses of my wit and opinions, but honestly I just feel too overwhelmed to blog. Even though it makes me happy, currently I’m not in a good space living wise or other. So, hang in there with me for a bit more if you like. I promise I won’t be gone forever, just a little more till I can make heads and tails of things to put actual quality posts out and not just dribble.

….kind of like this haha.

Adulting is Eating My Time

I put out a fancy new schedule, jotted down my posting line up, got sick for 2 weeks, and doubled up on work. Pretty much lame adult excuses for not blogging.

Part of it was well was a period of being disheartened. I was thinking of just dropping blogging because I felt I wasn’t doing a good enough job. Did people even care? What if my writing is awful and boring? So on and so forth. I was deep in the blues. My husband rallied behind me though and convinced me to go on. Writing does make me happy. I do like putting my thoughts out there. Even if no one comments or looks at it, well at least I was doing something. So I really have no more lame excuses not to post, and just need to suck it up to wake up early and blog.  So there you have it. No more excuses. Even if no one reads it shouldn’t matter, because writing anything makes me happy.

On that note one of my BFF’s is making me do NaNoWriMo this year. I’ve never finished but maybe I can beat last years 7,000 word count. If anything it’ll be a fun little blog update to do through November!

Ok I’m done whining now and throwing my feelings out on the net! Back to my boring job and planning out my actual-real-happening blog posts.

Thanks all~

Some Quick Updates

Hello readers!

So just a few things:

I am still working on my new sleep schedule for my 4 pm to 12:30 am job. I don’t get any good internet connections in the building so writing then doesn’t work. I’m going to try to wake up a little early each day to do some blogging, or to mess with content to blog about.

In the next couple months my posts will probably slim down a lot. I’m getting married in mid August and the planning for that will take precedence. Fear not though for I shall not abandon my blog.

Forever ago I mentioned putting together a short story collection. That went to the wayside as I began working on a novel instead. So I am doing a lot of personal writing, I’m just awful at sticking to one project at a time.

My Twitter account will still be pretty active with updates, linking past posts, and news in the world of my review content. So keep an eye on that (and tell your friends!).

Lastly, after I’m hitched I am also moving. With this move I hope to have an actual desk and writing base which will make blogging easier. I will also begin setting up for a Youtube channel after my webcam and mic come in from Amazon. Fret not for I shall still post full content on the blog: I just like the idea of reaching out to people in different social medias. More on that as it develops.

Thanks for reading and as always for following! It’s summer here which means college students are gone and the city is much quieter! I shall enjoy the heat and avoid burning. Feel free to comment on any posts, and spread the word about how awesome I am! As a last note: if you feel the need to post suggestions or constructive critique please do so here or on my Twitter!

Pps. Check out my new icon (located in about me) that my sweet fiance made. I’m pretty exited about it.

Review Thoughts~

So pat on the back to myself for actually posting reviews!

Just a quick note though, I realize that these last two were about games and my next one will be too. However, I haven’t forgotten about books and films! I will be doing a book and something with TV soon! I just haven’t been to the library for a while and my internet has been wacko. So fear not! Other topics will arise! I’m sticking to once a week posting for now but it may be more in the coming weeks.

As always thanks for reading! I’d love to see comments and your own thoughts too!

Hiatus, News, & Thanks

Hello fellow bloggers and readers.

Firstly: my deepest apologies for not following through on my words of posting again. I honestly thought I would be able to yet obviously have yet to do so.

Here’s the skinny on that. I am, all at once, planning my wedding, going through knee physical therapy, planning on moving after said wedding, and taking on a second job. There is just no free time to do the things I love to blog about! On my days off if it isn’t cleaning or packing I am doing my other job or catching up on sleep. There just aren’t enough hours in the day!

So time to be realistic now and honest with myself (and you). I am going on an official hiatus. This blog will still be up for viewing and open for comments (which I can quickly check and reply too). Until after my wedding and move, there will be no more regular postings. Once in a while I may through down a quickie post on an exciting new game or book turned movie, but till life settles l just can’t dedicate the time or energy.

In other news on the side while I am waiting in the Dr. Office or on my breaks I have been writing on my novel, a dark fantasy YA. This I can do without pressure of not getting it done quickly enough for the blog like a book review. So maybe I will be able to finish that in the next 6 months and tell you about it!

So thank you for sticking with me this long and putting up with delays. I hope you’ll keep me on your list for when I rise from the ashes and return to regular blogging.

Till we meet again!

Bit of an Update

Whew! It has been a while since I’ve been so bad about posting! I have plenty of drafts started yet alas I haven’t gotten around to editing them.

With holidays, illness, wedding planning, and family drama llama I felt like I haven’t had the time or energy to blog. The new year has started however and I am honestly tying to get back on track! My goal is to post at least once a week for now till things settle down again.

Thanks for sticking around and still following me! Hopefully soon here things will get back on track. So keep your eyes peeled!