The Giver – A Movie

I learned about this film pretty late on, and although it has some big names that I love, I’m a little nervous about the whole thing. Whenever you made adaptations to movies from books it’s always a gamble, especially for those who grew up on them. For example. Where the Wild Things Are was a story so many grew up with or read to their kids, and the movie was amazing. It followed the heart of the story so well, and the Wild Things were done visually amazing. PS. spoilers are possible ahead since I am going to compare the book to the movie. 

So with the Giver, from at least what I recall from the book, was based in a more simpler time. The movie seems to have some futuristic updates to it (perhaps to modernize and attract the youth of today?), with small changes such as injections instead of pills for example. I’m curious how much of it is going to be in black and white since for a major part of the book it was so. There also seems to be a larger romantic relationship going and more adversity in his efforts to realize his changes and when he tries to leave. I am also curious on how much they are going to stress the career choosing system with the youth since it was stressed with such importance in the book. A lot of wonder ifs and maybes to think about with this movie.

Obviously the two are not going to match up completely, futuristic updates aside, and I am excited to see Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep. I am going to see it at some point and try not to have too many reservations (due to so many books, especially older ones, being done so terribly when put to film). I’m sure I’ll do a more thorough comparison between the book and movie. I’m just hoping my fears will be dashed away in a swap for amazement! Again much like Where the Wild Things Are. Seriously, if you haven’t seen it yet, you should go do so. It will bring out all the feelings.