Bump in the Road

So shortly after my last post my laptop fried and died. Hence why no Monday post. My internet is heavily limited. I’m working on a solution in the meantime since it’ll be a while till I can afford a new computer. Bear with me! 


Updates! {a rambling}


Hello beautiful people!

It’s been a while since I’ve just dropped a hello and updated what was going on the the blog and other projects. So here’s a little heads up for you all if you wanted to know.

The Blog

You may have noticed I have actually gotten a decent and regular posting schedule again. It’s every Monday, roughly around 10 AM (pst), which so far seems to be working out well. Alas I’d love to go back to posting twice a week, but with working full time M-F I only have a handful of free hours to also dedicate to my other projects and the rest of life. So for now it’ll stay on this schedule, with an occasional double weekly post if I have the time to do so! I know I’ve been doing a lot of game posts lately, so I’m hitting the library this week to try and find some novels to throw in here to for my book lovers.


A few of you may have noticed a little post about a small video I posted on my Youtube Channel. In the past I’ve talked about doing a review channel to reach a different type of audience and to see if I can get more constructive feedback from viewers. I love this blog and community, but alas the feedback is almost non-existant which doesn’t help me grow and improve. Well it’s finally coming together! It took a lot longer than I would have liked to, but that’s no ones fault but my own. I kept waiting for ‘the right time’ and ‘the right equipment’ until finally I just jumped right in. At the moment, it only sports a few videos of short ‘Let’s Play’s’ of games on the PS4. Alas, my headset is not the best and therefore my speaking in those videos vs no speaking is about half and half. Next week I will have a new proper headset so that I can do these a lot better. Also starting next week (hopefully) I will begin filming reviews. What type of reviews? you may be asking? As much as I’d love to do visual reviews of all the genres I review on here, I decided it’s best to stick small and grow from there. So for now I’ll only be doing in depth reviews for games on the channel. I’ll also have a small section, much like I do here in Ramblings, for off base topics or breaking down my thoughts on related subjects. I’m still undecided if I shall continue to also do a full review or partial review on the Blog that then links to my Youtube channel, so we’ll have to see about that. I’ll still be posting once a week on the Blog though so don’t fret. I’ll just also be posting once a week on my channel (day of the week to be decided).


How long ago did I mention I was going to put together a short story collection and publish it? I can’t even remember at this point, it was shamefully that long ago! Well, again, I’ve kicked myself in the butt for not doing something about it because I was ‘waiting on better material’ and judging myself really hard on what I did have. Well no more! I actually have an editor for my short stores who will be working on them one at a time for me. She’s already working on one as we speak! Thus I’m finally putting this in the works, and when there is a significant update, such as I finished all rough drafts or moving on to the organizing of chapters, I’ll keep you posted! This will be an digital publishing only to begin with, but we’ll get to that more as it comes closer. I don’t have a schedule for this really, I just write in my few meager spare minutes at work and then at home in between things. This is on the lowest tier of my totem pole, but it’s still very important to me. No title for the book has been set yet either.


Well there really isn’t much ‘other’ going on right now. I’m in the middle of moving, transferring to a new job, and trying to save up every penny I have to help purchase tools and support needed to further my creative projects. A big thank you to all you followers for sticking with me or just joining up! As always, please share your thoughts and opinions on any post that interests you! Have a quip about how to make the blog more user friendly, interesting, etc? Let me know that too! I’m always looking to grow and improve, and I can’t do that all alone. I need help from people like you who are interested in these topics to let me know if I should be doing something different or if I’m staying on the right track! If this Blog isn’t enough social media interaction with moi, then you can also find me at these other fabulous locations!


See you all in the next update, I have to finish writing the review for Monday!

~Jabberwocky Warrior

Choose Your Own Apocalypse: Fallout New Vegas {Youtube game review}

Quick Summary: A Youtuber by the name of Many A True Nerd has come up with a fun idea for those who love the Fallout Series and those old school ‘choose your own adventure’ books. You are given the brief background of Fallout New Vegas and are taken through some of the initial events, such as waking up in Doc’s home. You’re told a bit about the town until eventually you are given a choice. Go to the town of Primm or go to Vegas. At this point you get to pick which route you go via embedded links in the video. Depending on what you click you will be taken to another video to continue your journey till you make it to Vegas.

Forewarning: You need to play this on PC as the choices will not work via phone or tablet when clicking on the in game. That aside, this is a fun little experiment to pass the time. None of the videos are too long, and the narration is done really well, giving bit of history and background on the areas you pass through the the potential of the choices you can make. Some choices will end in your untimely demise, some will bring loot, others will gain you allies. If you happen to die, just go back to the beginning and try your luck again! (Or you can just hit back once and start from before you made that wrong choice).

It helps if you have played the game before, you know which choices will lead you to what areas or which outcomes could lead more likely to death. However, you don’t have to have played the game in its entirety or at all to still enjoy this little game. I went through it a couple of times making ‘good’ and ‘bad’ choices along the way just to see how the creator who put this all together played it all out. The story flows together really nicely, and the choices you make are relative to actual events in game, however they feel natural in the unfolding of things as you make your choices. I hope to see more like this in the future from this Youtuber, or even similar ideas spread out of Youtube over different genres. I was one of those kiddos who devoured the choose your own adventure Goosebump books, and this sort of this is a bit of a unique idea in my opinion on social media like Youtube. I’ll post a link here to take you directly the first video of this mini series. The introduction is a bit long, but it doesn’t go on so much that you lose interest and won’t wait to make that first critical choice.

I can’t think of the time it took to do all that recording, cuts, and link embedding to put this all together. All for the sake of fun and games right? In the comment section you can see people comparing the choices they made, most common being how far can you make it in the game without killing anyone? It is said someone has made it through the entire game with less than 3 kills. Now, this is a good place to point out that this is based of the game and therefore there is violence involved-so don’t be surprised! For those who like to get all possible options, it seems there is enough variety that you can play the game through quite a few times to get all the routes and outcomes.

What do you think? Would it be fun to see more of this style out there for small game play and entertainment?

Crimson Peak {film review}

crimson peak

[credit: imdb.com]

Quick Summary: A young woman, who had lost her mother at a young age, pursued her dreams of becoming an accomplished female writer. Under the guidance of her affluent and doting father, she tended to forgo the frivolous social gatherings to instead focus on her manuscript. However, everything changed when an English man carrying a title sweeps into her life to pitch an idea to her father. This strange man and his cold shouldered sister draw Edith into their world with, away from her home in America, to their strange red clay mansion upon Crimson Peak. Here, Edith learns about the ghosts of the past as well as her own inner drive.

I had really high hopes for this film, with it being directed by one of my favorites, Guillermo del Toro, and a cast of well known accomplished actors, I was rearing to go with the spooky and dark romance. Alas, I felt this film did not quite hit the mark, falling a bit short here and there.

For the main characters, Edith is the center of the story here, literally the center of the cover for the film. She meets many of the physical desired characteristics in the Victorian Era,  pale skin, light colored eyes, long flowing blonde hair, and a small frame. These also give a visual of how young, innocent, and naive she is with the contrast to the darker colors and physical attributes of the other major characters. Unlike most women in her age group she is less focused on finding a husband and more focused on finding her place in the world as a serious writer. Of course she dreams of finding love and happily ever after, however thus far not many have turned her head enough to consider, with the small possible exception of an old family friend. When Thomas crashes into her world, doting on her manuscript, talking about spirits and odd things as are her interests, she finds herself slowly falling for him. Her father is not the most happy about his as he doesn’t trust the Englishman and his sister.

Through events however, Edith ends up marrying Thomas and taken away to his crumbling home. There she is for the most part utterly alone with the exception of her husband, his sister, a few workers, and the strange dark spirits who seem to haunt her at night. She plays the part of trying to be a good doting wife, yet being considered rather young and sheltered, she doesn’t seem to notice the danger and oddities around her as soon as one may think they should. As a character is has some development, she shows her curiosity and fear rather well, and as the center of the story it mostly focuses on her. As a character I’m still unsure if she is likable, however you do here and there feel sympathy for her as she goes through what she does in the story. Near the end of the movie she has the most development and change of character.

Thomas is an Englishman with a business venture, his land that belongs to his family has a strange red clay and he is trying to find money to build a contraption that would help unearth this clay, that would put his family business back in the up and up. Quickly he takes an interest in Edith, she is intelligent, witty, and girlish. Through his own ways, he weds Edith and takes her to his home. In the beginning he is doting, thoughtful, and tends to her. However there is an oddity about him when she tries to get intimate or pushes for more information about his past or the mansion they now reside in. You can tell he cares for her, yet perhaps his aloofness is just because he is working so hard on getting his machine to work. With his dark hair, dark clothes, and dark housing, Edith seems a small light in a shadowed place, as if she doesn’t belong.

Without giving anything away plot-wise, I was really disappointed on how little we actually see of Thomas and his interactions with those around him. He didn’t develop that much as a character, and it was hard to feel much sympathy or really any emotion to him. Perhaps if the film was a little longer, or they had done things a bit differently, his character could have shown more depth and therefore had more of an impact on the story.

Lucille is Thomas’s older sister, who’s clothing and complexion match his own. From the start she is a bit standoffish, a bit cold shouldered, and often glowers disapproval at her younger brother and his choices. Again without giving anything away, surprisingly Lucille had the most character development and whom I felt the most emotion towards. Not only physically through facial expressions and body movement do we see her change, but you learn more about her in past and future than the other characters. I found her to be the most interesting out of the bunch. Sadly I can’t talk too much about her without giving away story, so you’ll just have to watch yourself and see if you have the same conclusion.

One of the things I loved the most, and Guillermo del Toro always does well, is the color and symbolism of them in film. The contrast of lightness palettes in Edith vs the Sharpe siblings, using the red clay in various ways to symbolize a variety of things, they way the had it set mostly in winter for great contrast and meaning of the isolation and coldness that Edith is experiencing emotionally and spiritually. These I liked very much. The spirits looked rather well done also, it was an interesting take on what an upset spirit may look like and why. When it comes to things that you see with the naked eye, he has always been really good at this. Including the characters themselves, such as hair up vs hair down in a particular scene, the types of clothing they wear (oh man those poof Victorian sleeves slay me!), as well as the well done lighting. These things really set the mood and tone of the film.

Overall, the film was…ok. It went through events much faster than I expected, the movie as a whole seeming rather quick. I found it a bit too easy to figure out all the dark mysteries and going ons, though maybe being mysterious wasn’t the point the film makers were going for. The characters were interesting,  as was the concept, however the whole time I kept feeling like I was waiting for more. It was still an enjoyable movie, though I didn’t find it scary there were a few unsettling parts truth be told, and the acting was done really well for as little character development they were given. I probably wouldn’t watch it again, but it is an interesting dark tale with some really nice visuals.

Rating: 6.5/10.

Re: ZERO- Starting Life in Another World {anime review}


Quick Summary: Subaru is a high school student who is a bit on the NEET side. When venturing out to the convenience store for quick bites, his world smoothly and suddenly changes. Somehow he is pulled to another world. Unlike most people he is not upset or frightened, but excited at being a ‘hero’ and delving into anime and gaming cliches. Quickly however, Subaru finds out a darker side of his presence in this new world, and through meeting strange magickal people, he hopes to come to understand the mysteries surrounding his abilities as well as protect his new found comrades.

Overall I do like this anime, even though it can be a bit predictable and cliche at times.
As for the characters, Subaru can be a wee bit sexist at points, but his enthusiasm and nerdiness makes up for it. It’s interesting how through the show he has no real concerns about going home. He is living make an otaku’s fantasy: going to a magick realm and gaining powers. His overly excitable and loud personality are balanced fairly well with some more serious undertones of painful things he is forced to experience.

The love interest is a bit of the standard stock, a little awkward, overly sweet, too trusting. However, I do like that there is no rushed romance or instant falling in love. Most of the time she regards Subaru as a friend while a smaller portion is her figuring out blushy feelings here and there.

The rest of the supporting cast, thus far, are mostly cutesy females of varying roles. They have their own personalities and are individually developed enough that each stands out. The few males characters so far are extreme versions of character traits. An example of this is the overly flamboyant Lord.

The storyline moves along at a good pace, explaining things here and there as Subaru learns them, mixing mystery, action, and comedy. It doesn’t jump around so much you lose track of what is going on or the characters come off as flat. Currently the ending of the first major story plot has yet to be returned to and is still on a cliff hanger. The second plot feels like it is nearing it’s end and will hopefully tie back in to the characters that we haven’t seen for a while now. Due to the nature of Subaru’s power the plots can be stretched out without feeling like fillers or slowing down too mich you lose interest. It does get a bit predictable with events and character interactions, but it feels almost nostalgic or easy going this way.

The art style is very pretty, Subaru’s design is different than most male protagonists, especially in the eyes. Though going with what feels like a popular trend, a lot of the non human characters have eyes with symbols or markings instead of the normal pupil. It’s a bit odd but it doesn’t pull from the character too much. Most major characters have a bit of a color theme which is kind of nice and can be used in plot as foreshadowing or subtext. The main female is silver, the Paladin type male is red, the weird librarian is pink. There are a couple repeat colors, however those characters have yet to be in the same story plot at the same time. When it comes to violence I feel it is tastefully done. Not overly gorey for shock and awe, but dramatic enough to show the gravity of the current situation.

Overall it’s a cute show that plays to common tropes you can laugh about, especially if you’re particularly anime-nerdy. At times Subaru feels a bit over powered in skills and abilities, yet I can see the choice for it as again, it’s a NEET fantasy. The mysteries aren’t overly convoluted and there is a bit of character development. Hopefully that will be a continuing trend.

Rating: 8/10

Fallout Shelter {phone game review}


Brief Summery: Congratulations! You are the Overseer of a new Vault out in the Wastelands! With only a handful of people under your care to begin with, it is up to you in how your Vault is built and maintained! Keep your dwellers alive, send them to the wastes fir supplies, watch out for raiders, and make some babies! All of this and more, good luck Overseer!

So, for those of you unfamiliar with the Fallout series, it is about post nuclear war where the government set up Vaults to “keep people safe” (more often than not they were experiments) however there are also those who live on in what remains of the outside world. The Overseer is the title of the leader of the Vault.

You begin by picking your Vault number and a small group of dwellers. The beginning is a tutorial which is well put together and doesn’t pull away from gameplay too much. You learn how to build different rooms, all costing Caps ($) and some with requirements that must be met to be unlocked. Most room types can be expanded 3 times, and upgraded 3 times. The size and upgrade of the room determines how many dwellers can work in it. Yes, the people have jobs! Each type of room has a S.P.E.C.I.A.L stat associated with it. Those with that stat set to higher are better suited for the job. There are rooms to train stats up in as well.

Once you have a few rooms and people working in them, it now becomes a game of patience and strategy. Most rooms produce something, water, power, etc. It takes time to make them, while at the same time they are being consumed. It’s a balance of supplies depleted vs supplies replenished. There is also making sure your dwellers are happy!

You can also send dwellers outside the Vault. They will get Caps, supplies, meet the nasties of the wastes, etc. So be sure to equip them with stimpaks and radaway!


After the initial startup the game can slow down a bit with waiting for supplies, more dwellers (via babies or the wastes), and fighting off the occasional fire or radroach infestation.

The music is nice and matches the previous games theme well. The graphics are top notch too, especially for a free game! The rooms even have depth and dimension. You can always use real money as well if you don’t wish to wait around for things, but you can enjoy the whole game without spending a dime. If you like Fallout or city-building styled games, then I suggest this!

Rating: 10/10