To Be Continued…?

Hey all~

It’s been so many months since I posted last. I’m sure promises were made to post more or be more timely: but here is the skinny

I do love this blog, it got me through some roughh times and I discovered new things to enjoy. However, I’ve been struggling pretty badly with depression and anxiety. I don’t think I mentioned it in previous posts, but my older brother was murdered in the early months of 2016. I’ve been dealing with the emotion roller coaster of this aftermath. Paired with some financial struggles, my heart hasn’t been into putting the effort into reviews. I’ve hardly even kept my Twitter alive. I’ve been too stressed and depressed, probably insecure too, with my writing to properly post anything. As for going on YouTube, even when I finally do get a computer, I may delete the account all together. I’m just not sure if my heart is there to be creative anymore. 
So this is the deal. I’m not sure if I will be posting anymore on here. If I’ll keep reviewing my hobbies (honestly I haven’t read a book in months), and try to express my creative side. For now I’ll keep the blog up reply to comments and questions. Whether it stays up or not is unsure: I may take it down due to my failings to keep it going. 

Anyways, a bit rambly, but I wanted to be open with my few readers and more honest with myself. Thank you for sticking with me and allowing me to share my thoughts

~Jabberwocky Warrior.


I’m Just The Worst

Blogger ever. I haven’t done diddly nor squat. I have played and read a lot which is good for the soul. I’ve written some short stories, though they are pretty sad ones. I haven’t given up on this even if some have given up on me (understandably so). 2015 just was so…so tough and full of other excuses I could list off. If you follow my twitter you may see glimpses of my wit and opinions, but honestly I just feel too overwhelmed to blog. Even though it makes me happy, currently I’m not in a good space living wise or other. So, hang in there with me for a bit more if you like. I promise I won’t be gone forever, just a little more till I can make heads and tails of things to put actual quality posts out and not just dribble.

….kind of like this haha.

I’m Back! (And Married!)


(that's me spraying whipped cream in my mouth after champagne drinking just post wedding. I was exhausted at this point!

Helllllllo! Long time no see! As the title says I am finally married and have a bit of breathing room. My new job and moving can be worked around so I can make regular posts again! Sadly video posts will have to wait due to issues with my laptop. I’ve decided to wait to do that till after our move.

However! I’ll be posting here on the blog once more and poking around twitter! There are a lot of back posts I have to get done, and as I write this there is a screen open with a schedule of postings to do. Before the nerdy things I’ll be doing a personal post about my experience being wed for the first time and all the advice I can give (with a few funny tales).

Hope to be writing more soon and interacting with wonderful people again.

Many thanks,

Mrs. Jabberwocky Warrior

Upcoming Wedding & Such


Long time no post yes? I was getting into the groove again but it all fell apart when I realized how much work was left before my wedding. Yup, getting hitched on August 16th, and though we’re keeping it simple there is a lot going i to it (his family is huge). So that’s why I’ve been so absent because something had to go on the back burner.

After this big event I am also going to be in the process of moving! It seems I enjoy stress in my life haha. So it may be a bit yet till I’m up and running. My plan is to have a new post schedule set up working around me new job, my Youtube channel up and running (more on that when it comes), and being more active on twitter.

So that’s it! I’ll still reblog interesting posts from others and throw up some tweets here and there, so I haven’t vanished! Just hibernating a bit.

As always thanks for reading, please feel free to comment your thoughts and suggestions!

Nearing 30: Growing & Learning

So later this year I will be turning 27. It is something I still can’t quite wrap my head around. Wasn’t I 24 just a bit ago? When did time go by so fast! Looking back on my earlier years as a budding adult to where I am know makes me thoughtful and wishful. My older friends laugh at me in understanding at my transition and confirm my realizations and mistakes. So for fun I decided to share my wisdom and lack thereof with the wonderful world wide web.


* {I have no idea what I’m doing.}
When I was in my early 20’s and even back in high school, I had this illusion that when I’m older I’d be exactly where I wanted to be, goals met, life figured out, my path clear and determined. Well…not so much. At 25 I started freaking out thinking by this time I should have had so much more achieved, my future a solid thing. Getting closer to 27 I have (mostly) come to peace with the fact that it’s ok that I’m still figuring out what I’m doing with my life. Because lice has this great way of throwing you for hurdles you never expected. Also: most people on my life my age and older are in the same boat! Which makes me feel like less of a loser.

* {letting go of negative ‘friends’}
Due to a very bad relationship my social circle was pretty small in my early 20’s. When I finally got out of it my friends increase exponentially! I met people through people, eventually got in a better relationship and befriended his friends, etc. As time went by I realized some of these people were not the best to be around for me personally. I used to worry about not having a large group of friends because that would mean I was lonely and unlikeable. Life however isn’t like TV and having a small group of friends is totally fine! We may not see or talk all the time but they’re the good ones. I’d much rather have only a small group of pals than a large group that is stressful and full of drama. Speaking of…

* {ditch the drama llama}
Did you know life in general is so much better when there is not other people’s drama bringing you down? I used to think in my youth if early 20’s that being involved as an active listener to the drama of friends made me a good friend. Really though it just stressed me out and bugged me that people liked to repeat themselves without trying to do anything to help themselves. You know the type, it’s always other peoples faults, they always have to be right, so on and so forth. One day this year I woke up and gave drama the middle finger. Some I stopped talking to all together, others I just let them know I’d rather not be involved or hear it. Man did my stress levels drop! I’m there for real issues and needs, but no drama llama for me!

* {failure is ok}
This is the biggie one for me personally. Growing up, like many of my generation, I was told I had to go to a 4 year college, graduate, get a good job with the degree, and be successful before 30. It all seemed to attainable in my youth. However, I ended up having to work full time or more while attending a full school course. I was in an abusive relationship which prevented me from pursuing better opportunities. I went for a degree I thought I should have and not what I wanted. Education prices kept going up along with my rent, and I eventually just got burnt out. I had a breakdown, got kicked out of school for 2 bad terms in a row, after (too late) quitting my over fulltime job to focus only on school. I felt like the worst person ever and that I was a failure to my family and society. But really I’m not. If I had better direction and not such dreamy unrealistic ideas back then I would’ve gotten a great technical degree and moved on to that. Alas we can’t go back in time. So now I’m dusting myself off and telling myself: shit happens. My image of myself and my goals must change with how society and life is now. I’m going back to school, for something I like and can get me work. I’m not killing myself with 40+ hours of work in an unorganized environment, but normal full time work in a structured facility. I’m also allowing myself to make mistakes, and more importantly take time to have fun. Most of my college life I didn’t do anything but work and school. I missed so much. So I’m making up for it now.

Kind of a heavy and random post, I know. Yet I know a lot of people my age who feel lost or not quite sure of themselves because 30 is supposed to be the magick age of ‘I have my shit together!’. If you do: great! Enjoy it and share your wisdom! If not, well that’s ok too.

Happy thoughts and vibes too you all!

What are or were your thoughts on leaving your 20’s behind?

Blog Thoughts {a rambling}

It is strange to see at least a few hits of views on my blog everyday now. I can’t help but check my stats once in the morn when I wake and once before bed. It is exciting though not crucial part of the blog. I’m happy this has grown so much from the beginning, that my writing has improved, and I have met some quirky and fun bloggers on the way.

Here is to a brighter, fun, and writing filled year! Some changes (for the better I hope) are on the horizon for the blog and my personal life. I can’t wait to share it with you along the way, meet new peeps, and continue doing what I love.

Bit of an Update

Whew! It has been a while since I’ve been so bad about posting! I have plenty of drafts started yet alas I haven’t gotten around to editing them.

With holidays, illness, wedding planning, and family drama llama I felt like I haven’t had the time or energy to blog. The new year has started however and I am honestly tying to get back on track! My goal is to post at least once a week for now till things settle down again.

Thanks for sticking around and still following me! Hopefully soon here things will get back on track. So keep your eyes peeled!