Fallout Shelter {phone game review}


Brief Summery: Congratulations! You are the Overseer of a new Vault out in the Wastelands! With only a handful of people under your care to begin with, it is up to you in how your Vault is built and maintained! Keep your dwellers alive, send them to the wastes fir supplies, watch out for raiders, and make some babies! All of this and more, good luck Overseer!

So, for those of you unfamiliar with the Fallout series, it is about post nuclear war where the government set up Vaults to “keep people safe” (more often than not they were experiments) however there are also those who live on in what remains of the outside world. The Overseer is the title of the leader of the Vault.

You begin by picking your Vault number and a small group of dwellers. The beginning is a tutorial which is well put together and doesn’t pull away from gameplay too much. You learn how to build different rooms, all costing Caps ($) and some with requirements that must be met to be unlocked. Most room types can be expanded 3 times, and upgraded 3 times. The size and upgrade of the room determines how many dwellers can work in it. Yes, the people have jobs! Each type of room has a S.P.E.C.I.A.L stat associated with it. Those with that stat set to higher are better suited for the job. There are rooms to train stats up in as well.

Once you have a few rooms and people working in them, it now becomes a game of patience and strategy. Most rooms produce something, water, power, etc. It takes time to make them, while at the same time they are being consumed. It’s a balance of supplies depleted vs supplies replenished. There is also making sure your dwellers are happy!

You can also send dwellers outside the Vault. They will get Caps, supplies, meet the nasties of the wastes, etc. So be sure to equip them with stimpaks and radaway!


After the initial startup the game can slow down a bit with waiting for supplies, more dwellers (via babies or the wastes), and fighting off the occasional fire or radroach infestation.

The music is nice and matches the previous games theme well. The graphics are top notch too, especially for a free game! The rooms even have depth and dimension. You can always use real money as well if you don’t wish to wait around for things, but you can enjoy the whole game without spending a dime. If you like Fallout or city-building styled games, then I suggest this!

Rating: 10/10


Burn Your Fat With Me: For Girls {Phone App Dating Sim}


[Meet Kei: Your trainer]

Quick Summary: You are a young woman from a well off family who dreams of writing manga on day. Your prince who swoons you and loves you is a prince like figure based off the quite handsome and charismatic classmate at your academy. Unfortunately for you, your parents think an artist is not fitting for your position and you are instead destined to be apart of the theater troupe in this prestigious place, your princely figure there with you every step of the way-to berate, insult, and push you to become thin so you don’t embarrass the rest of the troupe on curl up at a time.

So this is an app that mixes working out with dating. There is a male version (sort of) called Burn Your Fat With Me that stars a cute anime style girl cheering you on. For this female version, you get less cheering and more jeering. This app has caused a bit of controversy when it came out, many finding the tactics too harsh and degrading. Fully voice acted in English and Japanese, you go through the story line as a strong minded woman who doesn’t really think you need to lose weight, but then again after some poking and prodding from Kei you kinda feel like you should.

To unlock the story forwards, and I’m assuming relationship with Kei, you need to do exercises that are accessible from the menu. The first one are curl ups where you touch the screen after each one, Kei counting for you for the set amount you choose. Depending on how many, and how fast, you do the workout, you earn points. These points unlock the next level in the story, Kei outfits, as well as future voice acting for other events. There is also an option to have Kei wake you up as an alarm, though the things that pop out of his pretty mouth aren’t the nicest. You can also unlock future events and outfits through real money purchases. I haven’t made it that far in it, partly because I’m lazy haha, but there are two other ‘dating’ workout men to choose from. Since I haven’t finished Kei’s route, I’m unsure exactly on how to unlock these, my assumption is after Kei you can pick one and use points to unlock theirs.


[Prince View of Kei]

I can understand why this app is most certainly not for everyone. For those who have triggers or low self esteem, this game is at best insulting. Since it uses guilt and insults to help motivate you to workout, the pretty face doesn’t help you feel like moving at all. For others, it is more entertainment and funny with romantic options. It all depends on your own personality and preferences. Though I wouldn’t have put this at the top of my favorite games, it is interesting and innovative in a way. My husband was, however, not a fan at all and wasn’t happy with me playing it. I’ve had self esteem issues in the past about my own body and he was worried this wouldn’t be good for me. I assured him though, this is a drawn character who is trying to make me feel bad, not a real person. I can hit the ‘off’ button on them anytime and their non reality can’t hurt me in real life. We’ll see if I actually ever get around to finishing a whole story line. If I do, I’ll post an update!



[Kei Motivation]

Available for free, with in app purchases, for Android and Apple.

Rating: 7.5/10



Dream Girlfriend {Phone App Dating Sim}

Quick Summary: Have you wanted a girlfriend who was made as if just for you? Shared interests, adoration, and cute clothes? Have conversations, give gifts, and go on adventures with a virtual girl all your own.

So this is a dating sim style app. You have a “blank slate” personality for your girlfriend, which basically is an over all cheerful and supportive personality. Her features and clothing are a ‘standard’ setting as well. This all starts out when you accidentally run into a mysterious girl who decides that for some reason right at that moment you are ‘the one’ who might just be the ‘right one’ for this type  of application. Surprise! You now have a girlfriend!

The basis of this is pretty standard. You can talk to your girlfriend using ‘points’ throughout the day to learn more of her personality, blank slate and the eventual one you can choose, and to trigger events that can be saved in your album. You can buy her clothes, facial features, accessories, using free points earned through playing or of course use real money that converts into game money. There is an event each month that is themed where you can win  backgrounds, clothes, and accessories for your girlfriend. Dialogue is different in these events as well and they use a different set of points. Again you can get more points through waiting in real time or buying them in real life. There is also an option to join a single ‘group’ where you can interact directly with other players on a message board. These can be private, invite acceptance, or open. Lastly there is also a way to interact with other players girlfriends by rating their outfits, giving advice, and your girlfriend talking to them. Oh yes, and you have to make sure your lady sleeps to regain points, you can buy outfits and pillows for this as well.


[Maho: Motion Event Outfit]

One note on the outfits, there are some that can only be received if purchased with the coins you get from real money. There are also some ‘special’ outfits which make your girlfriend move in real time when talking to her instead of just having different facial expressions. Some of these are of course very sexual in nature, while others are more sweet.

What are all these points for? Well there are a few things. You can use them to ‘unlock’ different personality traits of your girlfriend. Oh yes, I forgot to mention, you can also have her study which increases or decreases desired personality traits to choose a personality model. You can also have her go to work to earn you money to buy her more things. These personalities need different things, such as a Sporty personality might need high points in cheerfulness and playfulness, but low points in sexy and cool. Some of the different personality models are Sporty, Tsundere and Yandere. Different personalities need a certain character level. That’s right! You also level up in this game. Higher levels unlock different physical features, clothing, and personalities of your girlfriend.

Wait, there’s more! After you reach a certain level, you can be rewarded with a second girlfriend! This is because you are responsible enough to handle two women at once now. This second girlfriend is the same game play as the original, buying clothing, talking, etc. However, be careful spending too much time with one girlfriend, because you could make the other jealous or hurt their feelings. I’m not sure how many girlfriends you can have, I only made it as far as the two.


[Second Girlfriend Meiko]

Overall thoughts: I’m not sure exactly if I like this game or not. It is really easy to get into and spend time on, generating enough points without spending real money is easy, dressing up and having monthly events is a good way to keep people interested, and they seem to keep a steady flow of new accessories, backgrounds, etc that you can get. However, on the flip side, I’m not sure how I feel about having a girlfriend who I build from scratch to meet my personality wants. She’s pretty much just there to please me and make me happy. I’m a little sad too that the two girlfriends couldn’t be friends and work together instead of not liking each other, however I wonder if this is due to different personality types or not? I suppose the point of a dating sim is  to have a fantasy character who falls in love with you and does what they can to make you happy. It just rubbed me a little the wrong way that I could so easily change her personality if I decide I don’t like it. I can see this game sticking around for a long time, especially if they keep it fresh and updating it regularly. I know a call for a male version is wanted (they have an animal-man based one, however it is no where near the level of this app in variety or motion).

You can find this app on the Google Play store, and I believe it is on Apple as well. These photos were saved with the photo save option in My Dream Girlfriend App.

Rating: 7.5/10

November Update!

Soooooo…Fallout 4 came out and life kind of stopped. I’ve pretty much been playing that in my off time only. This the lack of updating what so ever!

I’ve come back down to earth a bit though and am working on new posts. Since FO4 is pretty much my PS4 jam right now I decided to download some popular phone games and five those a whirl. They’re accessible during breaks at work so I’ve been pretty consistent in playing them.

Keep an eye out for new posts! In return I’ll stop ignoring the rest of the world and be a regular blogger again~