Updates! {a rambling}


Hello beautiful people!

It’s been a while since I’ve just dropped a hello and updated what was going on the the blog and other projects. So here’s a little heads up for you all if you wanted to know.

The Blog

You may have noticed I have actually gotten a decent and regular posting schedule again. It’s every Monday, roughly around 10 AM (pst), which so far seems to be working out well. Alas I’d love to go back to posting twice a week, but with working full time M-F I only have a handful of free hours to also dedicate to my other projects and the rest of life. So for now it’ll stay on this schedule, with an occasional double weekly post if I have the time to do so! I know I’ve been doing a lot of game posts lately, so I’m hitting the library this week to try and find some novels to throw in here to for my book lovers.


A few of you may have noticed a little post about a small video I posted on my Youtube Channel. In the past I’ve talked about doing a review channel to reach a different type of audience and to see if I can get more constructive feedback from viewers. I love this blog and community, but alas the feedback is almost non-existant which doesn’t help me grow and improve. Well it’s finally coming together! It took a lot longer than I would have liked to, but that’s no ones fault but my own. I kept waiting for ‘the right time’ and ‘the right equipment’ until finally I just jumped right in. At the moment, it only sports a few videos of short ‘Let’s Play’s’ of games on the PS4. Alas, my headset is not the best and therefore my speaking in those videos vs no speaking is about half and half. Next week I will have a new proper headset so that I can do these a lot better. Also starting next week (hopefully) I will begin filming reviews. What type of reviews? you may be asking? As much as I’d love to do visual reviews of all the genres I review on here, I decided it’s best to stick small and grow from there. So for now I’ll only be doing in depth reviews for games on the channel. I’ll also have a small section, much like I do here in Ramblings, for off base topics or breaking down my thoughts on related subjects. I’m still undecided if I shall continue to also do a full review or partial review on the Blog that then links to my Youtube channel, so we’ll have to see about that. I’ll still be posting once a week on the Blog though so don’t fret. I’ll just also be posting once a week on my channel (day of the week to be decided).


How long ago did I mention I was going to put together a short story collection and publish it? I can’t even remember at this point, it was shamefully that long ago! Well, again, I’ve kicked myself in the butt for not doing something about it because I was ‘waiting on better material’ and judging myself really hard on what I did have. Well no more! I actually have an editor for my short stores who will be working on them one at a time for me. She’s already working on one as we speak! Thus I’m finally putting this in the works, and when there is a significant update, such as I finished all rough drafts or moving on to the organizing of chapters, I’ll keep you posted! This will be an digital publishing only to begin with, but we’ll get to that more as it comes closer. I don’t have a schedule for this really, I just write in my few meager spare minutes at work and then at home in between things. This is on the lowest tier of my totem pole, but it’s still very important to me. No title for the book has been set yet either.


Well there really isn’t much ‘other’ going on right now. I’m in the middle of moving, transferring to a new job, and trying to save up every penny I have to help purchase tools and support needed to further my creative projects. A big thank you to all you followers for sticking with me or just joining up! As always, please share your thoughts and opinions on any post that interests you! Have a quip about how to make the blog more user friendly, interesting, etc? Let me know that too! I’m always looking to grow and improve, and I can’t do that all alone. I need help from people like you who are interested in these topics to let me know if I should be doing something different or if I’m staying on the right track! If this Blog isn’t enough social media interaction with moi, then you can also find me at these other fabulous locations!


See you all in the next update, I have to finish writing the review for Monday!

~Jabberwocky Warrior



Hello folks!

So a little update: I am going to start a new job next week. This is important because my hours are vastly different than what they have been. Essentially I am working early evening till really early in the morning. Now I will have every other weekend off so I may try and do multiple posts on those days and schedule them for the weeks ahead.

I’ve been pretty happy with my once a week posting and bringing the blog back to life. So bear with me while I adjust to a new sleep schedule and figure put the best ways and days to make lovely reviews for you.

As a side note my laptop is having some issues due to age so for a while I am going to have to either post with the phone app or wait till it lives again.

As always thank you so much for following, hope to post again soon! Feel free to share and comment on any posts, I love replying to people!

Review Thoughts~

So pat on the back to myself for actually posting reviews!

Just a quick note though, I realize that these last two were about games and my next one will be too. However, I haven’t forgotten about books and films! I will be doing a book and something with TV soon! I just haven’t been to the library for a while and my internet has been wacko. So fear not! Other topics will arise! I’m sticking to once a week posting for now but it may be more in the coming weeks.

As always thanks for reading! I’d love to see comments and your own thoughts too!

Hiatus, News, & Thanks

Hello fellow bloggers and readers.

Firstly: my deepest apologies for not following through on my words of posting again. I honestly thought I would be able to yet obviously have yet to do so.

Here’s the skinny on that. I am, all at once, planning my wedding, going through knee physical therapy, planning on moving after said wedding, and taking on a second job. There is just no free time to do the things I love to blog about! On my days off if it isn’t cleaning or packing I am doing my other job or catching up on sleep. There just aren’t enough hours in the day!

So time to be realistic now and honest with myself (and you). I am going on an official hiatus. This blog will still be up for viewing and open for comments (which I can quickly check and reply too). Until after my wedding and move, there will be no more regular postings. Once in a while I may through down a quickie post on an exciting new game or book turned movie, but till life settles l just can’t dedicate the time or energy.

In other news on the side while I am waiting in the Dr. Office or on my breaks I have been writing on my novel, a dark fantasy YA. This I can do without pressure of not getting it done quickly enough for the blog like a book review. So maybe I will be able to finish that in the next 6 months and tell you about it!

So thank you for sticking with me this long and putting up with delays. I hope you’ll keep me on your list for when I rise from the ashes and return to regular blogging.

Till we meet again!

Blog Update & Explanation~

Hello fellow Bloggers, Readers, and everyone else. I know it’s been quite a while since I have last posted anything of real substance. I feel bad about that since I really do enjoy this blog and doing what I do. However, things go crazy really, really fast. I have been without a job for sometime now because I had left a previous one that had been slowly sucking out my soul and any sort of humanity left within me. Recently, I have acquired a new job (finally) and though it is not my ideal job I am happy to be bringing in the green. This new job however requires a lot of physical demands with lifting, pushing, and what not of 55 lbs or more. Thus, my general routine has been: Wake up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, pass out, rinse & repeat. On my days off I sleep and clean my house. However: I am FINALLY getting used to the physical demands of my job! I’m not so exhausted and sore everyday now, it just took some time to get used to. This means that I finally am getting the mental energy back to do some blog posts. I have a whole list of things I have wanted to post about, I just would rather get sleep than post so that I don’t accidentally hurt someone at work, harhar.

Anyways, I know a few of my more recent posts have been apologetic and full of excuses, but I assure you I haven’t vanished or forgotten this wonderful blog of mine! Like a lot of times, real life outside of my gaming, watching, and reading time takes over and this has to be put on hold.

To those who I owe book reviews too, I assure you those will get posted either on here and/or my Goodreads.com account!

For some last words, again apologies, I hope you haven’t given up on me or forgotten this Jabberwocky Lady. Like the Phoenix I shall return from the fiery ashes of my laborious job and being posting anew! Though my posting schedule will be different since my time is now much more limited. More on that to come! As well as film, game, and book reviews!

Till then (which shall be soon), please keep your patience with this little blogger~

Updating & Cleaning House (ramblings)

Wow, it is crazy how different my earliest posts are from my current ones! I can’t take it that my blog isn’t more seamless, so I’m going through and doing updates (such as adding more detail or better rating systems), deleting horrid posts and doing them over, and photos. It is really surprising how much I have already grown in the short nine/ten months I have had this blog. Which is good! It would be awful if I was just staying the same, pah! 

For those who have already read my not so pristine earlier posts: I apologize. For those who will read them in the future, gosh I hope they are appealing now! I think it is good to go back every so often and check on your old stuff, because like myself, you may find some things that need a little sprucing up!

That’s all, just wanted to put that out there since I planned on doing two posts today, but might have to just stick to the one I did this morning. This could take a while. Whew~

As an after thought: I have no idea why I rate books out of 5 and films out of 10. For some reason, it just seems better that way instead of both being either/or. 

Lack of Video Games & Media Posting-an apology

Hello dear readers:

Usually I try to do a nice mix of reviews so that not one subject dominates my blog. Not only to keep a good mix of things for those of different interests who follow me, but so that I myself don’t get too bogged down with writing similar things. However, due to some arrangements I have been away from home to sit for some friends of mine. I’m watching a very sweet and needy great dane at their house whom I cannot leave alone for more then a few hours. This makes it so that I can’t take my big systems with me. Also, this dog does not do well with sounds of violence or angry voices. A lot of the games I currently have on my portable gaming devices have this, which means that the sweet dog will try and eat my device if he hears such things. So, to be on the safe side I left them at home. Thus why I have been doing a lot of book reviews. Books are safe to do without sounds. For the next little while I’m going to only to do some random posts like this one, and book posts. Soon I will mix it up again with some of the other stuff I review.


Thanks, and I hope I keep you entertained!