Watch “Resident Evil 7 Playthrough Teaser” on YouTube

I am such a dork and left my mic off! So you can’t hear my cleverness. You can see the great graphics of the demo though in this tiny teaser I recorded. I see a lot of Silent Hill PT influence!


Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F



Quick summary:

A rhythm game for the PS3 or PSVita with 38 songs sung by the Vocaloids. In addition to playing the rhythm game while watching the corresponding music videos, the player can also use points to customize the characters costumes and rooms. You also have the option of creating and uploading your own rhythm videos for others to enjoy.


I am not new to rhythm games, my first being the original Dance Dance Revolution as well as the later popular online game Flash Flash Revolution. I underestimated the simplicity of this game however where you use the symbols as well as the directional pad. With the music videos in the background, normal mode can take a bit to get used to with all the movement going on. Once you get the hang of it however, the game is quite enjoyable as well as challenging for a rhythm game. While playing you can purchase helpful tools or challenges to make it easier or increase the point value during game play. There is a good selection of costumes and items for the rooms to choose from as you earn them as rewards through playing to purchase.

I’ve known about the Vocaloids for a handful of years, and this game shows off the singing system very well for those who are not familiar with the product. Most of the songs feature the most popular Vocaloid, Miku, and which is unfortunate if you are a fan of the other six featured Vocaloids. However the option to download or create your own games & videos with these characters is one way to make up for this fact.

It should also be noted that even though the instructions and menus are in English, the songs (with the exception of one) are in Japanese. Which makes sense since this is originally a Japanese product. In my personal opinion, the lack of English subtitles during game play do not detract at all, because I am focused on the actual playing than the songs themselves.

There aren’t many downsides to the game, and the few I am going to list are not major things that would have caused me to not purchase it if I had known before hand.

The lack of songs with the other characters is something I mentioned above already. It is understandable that Miku would be predominant in the songs since she is the most popular, however it would have been nice to break up the Miku-ness with a few more characters in other songs. Without DLC, Meiko only as two songs to herself, as well as Luka. Though they do end up in songs with other characters, for personal fans a little more character variety would have been nice.

Some of the costume choices I have to question for the female characters as well. Japan has a different social norm then the USA does, such as it is alright to show a lot of leg but inappropriate to show cleavage or a lot of chest below the collarbone. (I base this solely off of personal research on the current Japanese culture. I apologize if this is inaccurate). This being said, there are quite a few dresses and skirts that go to mid-thigh or possibly higher.

Putting that aside, there are a few other things that I can’t help but wonder if were done for fan-service. Some examples of this are: Luka’s original costume. While in her “room” I noticed when she walked or stood a certain way, you could see up her skirt and get what appeared to be a panty-shot. Another example is Meiko’s outfits almost all consist of showing off a lot of her chest-one such outfit has only a belt covering her breasts diagonally, showing off a lot of her exposed bust.  I really don’t see a point in over sexualizing the characters and would have preferred some more modest outfits. These characters are aged as 20, so some could say it wasn’t that big an issue. However, Rin and Miku are aged as 14 and 16. So when you put them in more scantily-clad outfits, it gives off a bit of a creepy vibe. (Or where these characters shimmy their non-existent chest and pose in suggestive ways).

In Summary:

The music and game play are fun and range from super easy to challenging. The videos can be fun and the process of making your own is enjoyable if you can be patient with the details involved. More songs with other characters and toning down the strange exposure and suggestive factors would be a plus and detract from the game less. For those who enjoy rhythm games or making games of their own I’d suggest this as a playable game.